Sunday, December 9, 2012

Garbage on The Tonight Show 12-7-12

Seems like the 90s music revival is continuing. Not only did Soundgarden get back together and release one of the best albums of the year this year, but Smashing Pumpkins and Garbage also dropped some fantastic new work on us. With bands like Silversun Pickups, Joy Formidable, and Tribes leading the 90s rock revivalism it's only fitting that these bands start showing up on the late night circuit.

Garbage – “I Hate Love” 12/7/2012 Jay Leno by screeps
Like I've mentioned before in posts here at A Reasonable Good Ear, for most of the 1990s (especially the early 90s) the small, ultra-conservative, deep south town I lived in didn't allow MTV to be offered by the local cable company. Back then MTV wasn't all reality and crap programing like it is now. They did have rock video shows like the legendary 120 Minutes that I sadly didn't get to see...ever. Instead, all of us alt-rock fans had to wait for our favorite bands to guest on Saturday Night Live or make an appearance on Letterman, Late Night with Conan O'Brien, or The Tonight Show. I still have that dusty old VCR tape of recorded performances off these shows. Anyway to make a long story short, I still enjoy tuning into the late night shows to catch bands I like when they perform on them. Garbage performed on The Tonight Show on 12-7-12. Promoting their new album and being in LA for a local show, the band took time out to perform "I Hate Love" off of Not Your Kind of People.

Garbage has always been one of those bands that sounds almost too good to be true on their albums and with uber 90s alt-rock producer Butch Vig drumming for and producing the band one would expect their studio albums to sound flawless. One might not expect them to sound as flawless (or polished) on stage, but they do. Man I miss the days of authentically talented and hard working musicians who actually mastered their craft and really could write, sing, perform and produce their own material without needing studio magic. I also miss the edgy alt-rock female lead singers like Shirley Manson. They used to dominate the musical landscape. Where are they now? Oh well, at least we know where Garbage is: still here and still rocking.

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  1. i love this band great music and great live song on jay leno