Friday, February 3, 2012

Eternal Descent

As some of you might have noticed, my other (and heretofore main) writing gig is for one of the best independent comic book review sites on the web, My two recreational and literary passions are both comic books and music, and I’ve discovered that I have a great deal to say about both subjects. Everything that I have to say isn’t extremely profound or groundbreaking (most of the time), but from time to time I stumble across something that really inspires me to let loose, and the words just seem to flow and flow…and every once in a while I come across something that intelligently dabbles in both of my favorite pastimes. They are few and far between, but every once in a while I find a real gem of a project.

One such project that bridges the gap between comics and rock music the best (and when one thinks about it there really isn’t as much of an, aesthetic gap between the two as one might think) is guitarist/songwriter/comic book writer Llexi Leon’s dark fantasy based Eternal Descent multi-media project. I discovered Eternal Descent at my local comic shop, the cover to the first issue of volume #1 caught my eye, and the story inside made me a fan. I’ve been hooked ever since. Besides being an interesting and compelling story (that has really begun to hit its stride and get really good with the third issue of volume two of the series), Eternal Descent is also a music project, has a related YouTube string of videos titled “Llexi’s Licks,” and is currently being developed into an animated series. Llexi Leon has all the bases covered, and the time and thought he’s put into the project really demonstrates the level of passion he has for it. Oh, and yeah, there is also an album of music as well from Eternal Descent titled “Losing Faith” that was released back in 2007. 

The best thing about Eternal Descent though is its mastermind, Llexi Leon himself. I’ve never met him, but have had the privilege of chatting with him via his Facebook account, and out of the many comic book creators/writers I’ve had the opportunity to chat with, he’s one of the most easily approachable and amicable dudes I’ve ever dealt with. Last year, at Charlotte NC’s Heroes Con, I had the privilege of chatting with talented Eternal Descent artist Jason Metcalf, and he had nothing but good things to say about Leon as well. He should know, he's done some great comic book work with him.

One of the other great things about Eternal Descent is the fact that Leon has been able to bring to life in comic book form some of the rock/metal industry’s most interesting bands and musicians like Firewind, God Forbid, and just recently the legendary Wormhole Wizard himself, Joe Satriani, who has gone, via his appearance in Eternal Descent, from Surfing with The Alien to Shredding With the Angels. These real life musicians get to play major roles in Leon’s dark fantasy about warring angels and demons that are battling for the soul and support of the fictional Lyra Constance, a rocker who might just be the key to swinging the eternal battle between good and evil to one side or the other.

 Check out Llexi Leon's campaign to bring Eternal Descent to animated life here.

Overall, I really enjoy Eternal Descent in its many incarnations, and if you like guitar rock, dark fantasy laced with subtle humor, and great artwork, then you most likely will too. The best thing is that Eternal Descent is really just getting started and I’m willing to bet Llexi Leon has plenty of great things in store for his, and Eternal Descent’s, fans.

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